Tiny Beats is an adventure; mingled with elements such as puzzle-solving, running, stealth, and platforming. Tiny Beats’ adventure is a story beyond mere game; it is a story that revolves around humankind's monopolization of nature and its violent, destructive behavior versus the solidity of a weaker yet more sagacious race against this cruelty. The elements of the game are as follows; 1. Stealth: As a player, you have entered an unknown magical world while being shrunk to the size of a thumb. Hence, you need to proceed in cautious and sneaky ways to survive. 2. Puzzle: Whilst playing a side-scrolling game, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. The environment contains clues in various forms, namely signs, objects, and written words. You must explore these clues to solve the puzzles and make your way into this mysterious world. 3. Skill Tree: Alma will acquire a magical stone in her journey, giving her superpowers, including gravity manipulation in four directions, leaping, and air-dashing. Consequently, with the help of these powers, she can solve puzzles, hide, or escape. 4. Running: In critical situations where the enemy has spotted you, or there is no other choice but to show yourself, you need to run away from entities that plan to destroy you as fast as possible. In Tiny Beats, you will encounter circumstances you have never seen alike on earth. In the least possible time, you must take control of them by using magic with which you have no acquaintance. Amid Tiny Beats’ rare, marvelous architecture, the thrill of exploration would be awakened in the players. Encountering mysterious creatures may bring you either sheer bliss or death. You can transport through the ground or air by using magical powers and controlling specific animals like butterflies. Tiny Beats will bring you a combination of emotions through the game, such as a smile, excitement, concern, and sometimes tears.


•An emotional and mysterious story • Use the skill tree • Epic and impressive music • Interaction with the environment and magical skills • Solve different and interesting puzzles


We are a video game production and publishing team based in Yazd, Iran We started working with the production of the first game called Quizino in 1379, and now we are working on the Tiny Bites game. Relying on experience and creative and committed people, Viraland is trying to make quality products to create interaction with the rich culture of Iran.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

mohammad torki (co-founder)

mohammad reza rasti (co-founder)
lead designer

motahare jafarzade
art director

omid kalantari
project manager

arman dehestani

farzaneh hosseininezhad
technical artist

mohammad saeedinezhad
level designer

fatemeh abedieh
2d graphics

ata khani
3d artist

sana salem
content producer

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